Five ways to save electricity this winter

Five ways to save electricity this winter


If you are like me and need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for winter, you definitely want to read this post.

Grab a blanket

I almost always have a blanket close by, I even used to keep one in my car when I was a student. Instead of switching on the heater, rather snuggle underneath a blanket when watching TV, its much friendlier to the environment, not to mention the romance factor. I even have a blanket at work, and if your work permits it, you should too. Not only do heaters use unnecessary electricity, but it’s also actually bad for you, it dries up the air, which is not good for your repertory system btw.

Do you remember the hot water bottle?

I never used to have one as a kid because my mom was scared it would burn me, but the ones you get today are much safer to use now. So as soon as I could, I bought my own and it is literally my best friend in winter. Plus you can recycle the water, so to speak, if you do not want to pour it back into the kettle to boil it. When the water gets cold you could use it to help water your garden, or even throw it in the toilet tank. So instead of switching on the electric blanket, rather fill up a hot water bottle, mine usually stays warm enough all through the night if I put it underneath the blankets with me.

Regulate the geyser

Lots of people are making the switch to a solar or even gas geysers but if you do not want to make that kind of financial commitment there are a couple of things you could do that will actually save you a few pennies. First off, you should insulate your geyser, this is a sleeve like ‘blanket’ for your geyser, and it helps the geyser keep its heat, so if the water stays warmer for longer, the geyser will work less to keep it warm. You can also coordinate everybody’s bath and shower times, and then only switch the geyser on for a couple of hours before the bath time every day. Since geysers are usually installed in the roof, it is much more exposed to the cold, and the water in the geyser will cool down faster, especially during the cold winter nights.

Gear up

This might seem obvious, but a bright pair of stockings and a cute knitted dress, might not necessarily be the best choice. If you dress warmer you will need fewer extras, like heaters, to keep you warm. And you do not even have to compromise on your sic style. A simple vest or a pair of skins, underneath your cloths will go a long way in keeping you warm. I also like to layer up at night time.

Also just replacing your normal sheets on the bed with winter sheets (which are much thicker) will help prevent the cold, from underneath the bed, to sneak in. I take it one step further though, I place an old blanket underneath the bed sheet.


By insulating your house, you can keep a lot more of the heat inside and the cold outside in the long winter months, and the opposite for those hot summer days, so it’s a win-win situation. This might incur some initial costs, but once it’s done you can just sit back and reap the fruit. There are a few options to insulate your roof, most of them consist of a roll-able sheet of some sort (ie ‘think pink’), if you are a handy person you can actually attempt this one yourself, saving a few bucks.

Here in SA we do not really have the freezing temperatures to justify double walls, but there is a new trend doing the rounds of installing double layered glass windows, which actually makes a big difference, since windows are one of the big culprits in letting in the cold.

If you have mostly tiles or wooden floors in the house it could also be a major contributor to the chilly atmosphere. Investing in a few good carpets that you can always remove when summer comes might be well worth your while, even if it’s just for the living areas and bedrooms.

Keeping certain doors in the house closed can actually also make a huge difference, for example, a bathroom is generally colder than other rooms due to the fact that everything in it is a combination of glass, porcelain, and metal. Keeping the door of the bathroom closed at all times during the winter will prevent that cold air from spreading to the rest of the house.

On the door topic, another simple way to keep the frost from entering your bedroom during the night is to seal off the gap at the bottom between the door and the floor. I you do not want to go buy one of those very adorable teddies you could always just put an old towel in front of the door.

What’s some of your favorite ways to keep warm in winter?

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