Memel: A South Africa Gem

Memel: A South Africa Gem

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Over the Easter weekend I went to a small town called Memel with some friends of mine. Well actually we stayed on a farm, a couple of minute’s drive from the town itself. The weather had already turned towards autumn, and while the days were still nice and sunny, the evenings were quite chilly.

For those of you who don’t know it, Memel is a small farming town on the outskirts of the Free state. It’s rich in its own personality and history, and the people are charming and as friendly as can be. We stayed in a 100 year old farm house in the middle of the farm, surrounded by endless mountains, streams of water rushing through the bends, bass dams, and beautiful herds of cattle. Luckily our awesome photographer friend (Sam Supra at Supra Photography) was there to capture all the mesmerising moments, and as hard as it is to capture all of that beauty in a picture, she managed perfectly.

On the front porch of the sandstone house is an intriguing brass memorial  dedicated to the man who single handily built the house at the age of 75.


With the first step in you could feel the character, and enchanting stories those walls must hold, which, by the way is as thick as my middle. There is no electricity, so you have to make do between the donkey for hot water, candles for lighting and a fireplace for heat (and atmosphere of course).

I can’t remember when last I saw the stars shine so bright, with not an electric light in sight to spoil it. The calmness and peace that washes over you with the dancing flames from the bonfire, the wind rushing through the grass, and the owl that hoo-hoo every now and then while just staring at the beautiful night sky, cannot possibly be described in words.


We spent the weekend fishing in the nearby bass dam, and I even caught my very first fish, which we had for dinner that night. Not to mention the hike further up the mountain that led us to the most beautiful view of kilometers of raw untouched nature. And even though we could catch some signal at one or two spots, no one really felt the need to even look at their phones, we were all just so glad to be rid of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even if it was just for a few days.

the mountains are calling, and I must answer- John Muis

After the three very short days we found ourselves sad to leave, and even started planning our return trip. This place must be a little piece of heaven that got lost on earth somehow.

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