about me naturallyjo

About me:

I am a lover of nature, humanity, and most importantly conservation.

I studied Ba Geography at the University of Johannesburg, where I discovered my love for the world we live in, its people, their ways and the amazingly finely balanced equilibrium of it all. Sadly I then also realised how people were not only endangering themselves, but also just about every other living organisms in this world. With our population numbers higher than ever, now is the time to start taking care of each other and of our environment.

I want to show people just how wonderful this world of ours is, I want to get them thinking, get them planning and taking charge of our future. To the youth of today, I say stand up for your future, give the children something and someone to look up to, and be someone that the adults can be proud of.


Why I think you should follow my journey and my blog:

While I am not an expert on any of the topics discussed in my blog, I am still affected by it, all of it are issues that are very close to my heart, and I believe other people should also be taking note of it. The majority of people affected by humanitarian and environmental issues today are not experts on the field, but they can give a first-hand account of the consequences. Sadly, in many of the cases the victims are just that, and unable to help themselves.

The goal for me and my blog, is that I want people to read what I have to say, take it in, but do not just accept it unconditionally, take a step back, think about it, objectively, if you can. Then make a change. Work actively to better not only your life, or your children’s lives, but everybody around you, work every day to make a positive change in the world, no matter how small you might think it is, to the person next to you, it might seems like the biggest boldest step, and to them it will mean the world. To the ones that will benefit from your positive life choices it is infinite, unmeasurable and necessary

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